Promote With Instagram Influencer In Japan

Every business, brand or campaign should partner with at least one Instagram Influencer to promote – especially in Japan. Here, Instagram’s market share is very powerful with the strongest consumer and spending groups in Japan.

Incredible ROI

In campaigns on my channel, I have given brands such as Daniel Wellington, Timberland and Sudio over 200% ROI within the first month. Direct results matter, as do the long-term benefits of partnership with a good Instagram influencer. Further, you can track the actual sales performance of an influencer via a unique coupon code.

Quality Promotional Content

Trust in mainstream media and ads is at an all-time low. Get a direct and effective message delivered personally to your target market by a highly trusted influencer. In other words, mass media attracts costs and doubt; influencers attract bought-in purchasing interest.

Increase Followers & Reach

A good instagram influencer campaign will certainly drive new and interested followers to your page. As a result, you get lasting improvement to your own market reach and brand awareness.

Budget Friendly, Very Friendly

Of course, photoshoots and campaigns are not cheap. But Influencer-based marketing is very cost-effective. High-quality posts can be as little as $100 and produce results as effective as traditional campaigns costing thousands. Also, for super cool brands or charities we can arrange something for free.

How To Get Started?

Firstly, if your brand is in travel, lifestyle or men’s fashion I can promote you directly. Please get in touch for suggestions on an effective campaign. It will be affordable and give you measurable results.

For promotion on other areas (e.g. women’s fashion) I can help you find an Instagram Influencer with proven track-record of doing a wonderful job for brands. Contact me with your brand and goals and I will introduce you to a good Instagram partner.

Lastly, if you have questions or concerns, please write a comment below or send me an email. Best of luck with your campaigns!