Most In-Demand Tech Skills In Japan 2017

As a jobseeker or anyone looking to improve their career stock in Japan, it helps to know what is most in-demand tech in the market. From a recruiting perspective, we can see trends and patterns in the industry. Armed with this information, you can look to focus your skills and training efforts into technology that will yield strong career results.

Rare Does Not Mean In-Demand

Some tech skills are indeed rare in the market here in Japan. However, roles and vacant positions for those skills can sometimes be equally as rare.  For example, there really aren’t that many iOS and Android engineers here. Finding a solid Python or JavaScript developer can be a real challenge. But how about the jobs market? Few companies really focus on iOS and Android native app engineering, and Python or JavaScript are not exactly popular with IT architects in Japan.

For enterprise apps, Salesforce and SAP are indeed rare skill sets to find. For developers and implementation consultants in the market here, companies like Takeda Pharma and other manufacturing companies are about your only real options. Typically these roles are not the most glamorous either.

So what are the most in demand text stacks and tech skills here in Japan? Where is the best balance for jobseekers in terms of available vacancies as opposed to an available engineers?

Java, As In-Demand As Ever

Believe it or not there are never enough Java engineers.  Especially ones with good experience of scalable web application and API development are hard to find. A strong Java developer, familiar with the recent versions (1.7~1.8), and with scalable dependency injection based development will always be able to find a good position here in Japan.  Experience also with tech such as Gradle, Spring, NoSQL databases and more should help make the candidate very appealing to hirers in the market.

DevOps, Growing Area Of Japan’s Tech Job Market

Following from the AGILE process, DevOps has really caught hold here in Japan. Continuous integration and deployment are absolute key factor for companies in Japan. From Finance to online companies, big and small alike, DevOps is big keyword. Especially if fluent in Japanese, DevOps engineers should find a wealth of available opportunities out there.  Not only that but with a solid command of languages like Python or Golang, they should also find very good jobs with excellent working conditions and culture.

Lack Of Leadership & Management

Further, aside from technology it is also true that managers – especially technically outstanding managers – are increasingly rare and increasingly needed. As engineering teams grow and projects expand, team members must step up into leadership and management roles. If no real candidates are there internally, managers must be brought from outside the organization. Adding management and team leadership skill to a solid tech base will definitely increase your value.

So solid Java developers and DevOps engineers should be able to find really good work in the next year (2017 to 2018).  How about the future?

golang on laptop screen in demand tech japan 2017

Golang – future in-demand tech?

Future In-Demand Tech?

As companies here start to decouple themselves from monolithic application architecture, Microservices are beginning to take hold.  Developers with experience of this type of architecture and related languages such as Python and Golang should be in high demand in a couple of years once the monolithic structures begin to fade from popularity.

Japan may also be moving to a more data-driven approach. It would not be surprising to see those experienced with Hadoop, Hive, R, SAS, and business intelligence tools become the next in-demand tech.

On the enterprise or CRM side, SalesForce is looking like it will come more to the fore in the next several years here in Japan. Developers for the SFDC platform and implementation consultants (those who can speak Japanese to a fluent business level) should find that opportunities become plentiful, and competition scarce.

Finally, sticking with what you know and exploring what you’re interested in is always a good way to go. However, with some of these market trends, we hope you can focus your studies and interests in ways that will help your career grow in the future.

For those in the tech industry or with related jobs, would you agree overall? What skills do you think are in-demand now and into the next few years? Please comment below. If you fit a DevOps or Java profile and interested in opportunities, definitely get in touch. We have a lot of cool jobs for you!

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