Nice To Meet You

Hello, this is Daniel Bamford. What can I do for you?

Firstly, for those looking for career advice, I am a consultant at the most successful global recruitment firm in Japan. Therefore I can help you come to Japan to live and work, advise you on how to find your dream job, or help source talented people. I specialise in the Japan tech job market and can share our market experience for your benefit.

Daniel Bamford 2017 Tokyo Tower

Hanging out near Tokyo Tower

As an avid traveller and enjoyer of Japan, I can provide you with a window into interesting things to see, places to go, or foods to taste. My Instagram is a catalogue of recommendations I hope you will find useful. Brands and businesses can also benefit from collaboration – I have promoted tourism and fashion to tens of thousands.

Finally, you may find value in my business ventures. Our team are laying the foundations for radically changing aged care in the UK – an ethically necessary change. Closer to home, I’m also building a store searching app that will make finding the right place simpler and better.

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